Parents, educators and the community have the ability to teach children how to protect themselves from online dangers and to be an active participant in their online activities.

The SVICAC Vigilant Parent Initiative is geared towards educating the community, especially parents, on basic social media and technology how-tos, prevention, awareness, and knowing how to talk to their child about protecting themselves online. Technology and the Internet are not inherently bad and are necessities in keeping up to date in this generation, so long as they do so safely. Teaching kids how to password protect and maintain privacy online are part of parenting nowadays. The Vigilant Parent Initiative provides online safety training and the signs to recognize when a child may potentially be in danger on-line. We explore popular apps like Instagram and Snapchat via hands-on interactive learning as well as the vocabulary that may be referenced by your child. We encourage parents to start the conversation with their children early and to keep up with the latest trends. Fill out the form below to request a presentation.


  • I am writing to thank you for your educational efforts, and your outreach through the Vigilant Parent Initiative. My husband and I attended a parent presentation from the SVICAC task force in March at our son’s school in San Jose. I am so incredibly glad that we attended that evening. Because of the education and information we received there, I truly believe that we saved our son from being a victim in a potentially very nasty situation.

    Julie and Gavin Reid

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  • Senior Analyst Angelie Donzanti provided a presentation to my Crime Analysis class on “internet crimes against children”. Throughout my years as a law enforcement trainer and educator, I have used numerous subject matter experts to deliver information on a variety of topics. Very few, if any, reached the level of Ms. Donzanti’s eye-opening – actually, eye-popping – and informative presentation.

    Robert Anderson, Associate Professor, Adjunct, Administration of Justice, Northern Virginia Community College

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